Round two with [JessicatbabeLovelesskia]

I guess it’s kinda cute, but I don’t normally draw it. BUTT, I shipped my bf and my own “skyrim” characters as a joke to make him upset. His dark elf is so ugly and I liked to tease him about it.

haha I would get him all excited and be like “oh I drew you a thing” 

so the girl with the red markings and red hair and black leggings and gloves could be a fox not a bunny

what sharp teeth that bunny has, myy worrdddd

i’m lazy today

i’m lazy today

You are so inspiring to be using JUST a mouse. But honestly don't feel pressured to HAVE to use a tablet. Use what your comfortable with. As they say it's not the tool it's the artist. I personally won't ever get a cintique for the same reason. Not easy moving from years of solid tablet work to an on screen tablet.

Thank you sooo much Fleshy, I really needed to hear this. Preach it, I agree and I am comfortable with what I have right now anyways, also I do want a tablet I’m just frustrated that it doesn’t work on my computer, I’ve tried everything to make it work. ;; just.. Gosh thank you..

I don’t really like to talk about getting a new tablet, I mean look how far I’ve grown as an artist drawing with a mouse. I’ve drawn with a mouse most of my life, starting from when I was about 5 or 8. I’m not entirely proud of it, I don’t think of it as bragging, just that I am poor haha. I have only used a tablet for 2 months in total. I will admit that my mouse art is superior to my traditional pencil work or whatever doodles I’ve made with a tablet. In my photoshop art class last year I drew entirely with a mouse because I was not confident in my tablet work. I don’t currently have my old tablet, and I don’t plan on wasting any money on a new one if it won’t work. College is expensive enough as it is. I’d rather wait for a new laptop, and once I save up for a new one I will consider a tablet, mmk? It’s rather discouraging telling eveyone that I draw with a mouse a lot, I shouldn’t complain.. but I would like better quality to my art, but I make do with what I have, and im quite proud of myself. I’ve met cool people, I’ve gained a lot of awesome followers and friends through my art. (178 yesterday thank you ilu) I love to share art, I love drawing for people, not for any kind of gain, just because I love doing it.

Do you draw all of these with your mouse? I heard that you had a plan to get a tablet and sorta have this assumption.

Yes I only draw with a mouse, I actually have some problems with getting a tablet, to make it short I can no longer use one on my computer, as my computer is super old and lame, it doesnt sync right and I cannot download software to fix it??? My computer can no longer read discs. It would cost the same amount to fix my laptop as buying a new one. Maybe when I get a new laptop in the future I will consider a tablet.

Hi xiao ilu


Xiao how could you. >w>

I know, I’m over here throwing a fit because I can’t stand how cute isabelle is ughhh sosisidjdi shells!

She needs more shells!

you said it, the more shells we give her the more she loves us right, im totes gonna draw more acnl stuff

**evil laughter**

**evil laughter**


xiaoxinge hates me

I cry

forever in tears



cute chicken presidents make me agressive too! look I even drew her a seashell necklace, IM SO MAD THAT THINGS ARE CUTE! HELP1!!

gonna go punch something now bye

gonna go punch something now bye

Ohhh my god your art is really cute. :O

Thank you ;// u ;